Infographic and Videographic on NICB’s Annual Report

NICB Recommendations to Stop Vehicle Theft

If you own a Toyota or Honda from 1990’s, then it is a must for you to take care of your vehicle. This is because Toyota and Honda are two of the most stolen cars based on the report by NICB or the National Insurance Crime Bureau. This is due to the fact that car parts of Toyota’s and Honda’s in 1990’s model can be easily chopped and sold. Another reason why thieves tend to steal older models is that newer models often have advanced and innovative anti-theft technology that is built-in. Here are some useful tips that NICB recommends in order for you to protect your vehicle.

1. The first thing is common sense. All you need to do is to lock the doors and close the windows completely. Removing the keys from the ignition and parking in well-lit areas is also an advisable thing to do.

2. The next thing to do is to have a visible or audible device installed in your car. It is proven effective by many car owners in being effective in getting rid of thieves. By means of using wheel locks, steering column collars, window etching and theft deterrent decals, you will be ensured that no theft will even try to steal your vehicle.

3. The next thing that you need to have is the vehicle immobilizer. By using smart keys having computer chips, fuse cut-offs and kill switches; it guarantees that no thieves can get your vehicle.

4. The last is by using a tracking system that has the ability in emitting signals to police and monitoring service providers when a certain vehicle has been stolen.

Infographic NICB’s Annual Report

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