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Although you may think that it is probably one of the most unlikely things that can happen to you; getting locked out of your car or home is still possible in the 21st century. When a lock out occurs you may be left wondering how it happened.

However, in many cars, if you put the key into the ignition and close the car’s doors, it will, after a short time, auto-lock the doors. Homes on the other hand often come with a deadbolt lock which is a lock that has a locking cylinder on the outside taking a key, and a thumb turn on the inside which automatically locks your door when turned, without needing a key.

Either way, in whatever lock out situation you find yourself you will need an emergency opening.

At this point there are number of things that you can do and also a few things that you should not do.

Do Not Break Into Your Car or House

It is important that you don’t try to break into your car. Modern cars have made the “wire coat hanger technique” obsolete and this method can cause untold damage to your car that will cost more to fix than the cost of an emergency callout by your local Locksmith in Sarasota.

The same applies if you break one of your car’s smaller windows to gain access to your car. Not only can you, again, cause damage to your car by scratching the paint work for example, but it can lead to numerous other problems. You car will remain vulnerable to thieves until you have the window repaired and it will probably cost more to replace.

The same applies when breaking a window to access your house. Apart from the fact that you may trigger an alarm, when you break glass to gain entry to your property, be it house or car, there is always the possibility of someone seeing you “breaking-in” and calling the police. This can lead to all sorts of misunderstandings and if things don’t go smoothly (for example, if you don’t have the relevant identification on you) you can find yourself in even worse trouble.

Do Call A Professional

If you find yourself locked out and in need of an emergency opening, it is always best to call a professional. Your local locksmith has the training and experience to open car and house locks, and will do so with minimal fuss and absolutely no damage to your property.

Ideally you should have your local locksmith’s number programmed on your phone and you should have contacted them long before the emergency callout to confirm whether they do emergency callouts, what their rates are and in which areas they operate.

How To Prevent Lockouts

Ideally you should take steps to prevent or avoid lockouts. Keep copies of your spare keys and fobs in strategic locations where you can get to them when you need to; this might include leaving a set with trusted friends, family or a neighbor. You may choose to carry a second set of keys in your handbag, or on your person, or you may even hide your keys in a secret location on your car in a magnetic box, or somewhere on the outside of your house (although this option can be very risky).

Knowing what to do and who to call for an emergency opening is vitally important, and by taking a few precautionary measures early on you will be prepared and stress free in the event of a lock out.

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