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Connection between Locksmith and Vehicle Ignition Parts


Though they may seem to be worlds apart, locksmith service and the ignition system in a car are closely related. In order to start the key, you need to turn on/switch on the ignition key which activates the car’s mechanism. You may use the traditional key or the more modern keyless entry or FOB. Usually, when there is a problem with the car’s ignition mechanism, it’s a lock and key expert who is called and not an auto mechanic. The value of an auto locksmith has become even more crucial due to advancement in the ignition systems.


Situations When You Will Need a Car Locksmith


There are many instances when you will require the services of an auto locksmith. First, you may have lost or misplaced your car keys. A locksmith will come to your rescue and pick the ignition lock allowing you to start your vehicle. Second, in case you need a duplicate key, it’s an auto locksmith you will run to. Third, the key can accidentally break or get stuck inside the ignition. A qualified lock and key expert is able to retrieve the broken or jammed key and thereafter cuts a new one. Four, a locksmith also helps in assessing the structural integrity of the ignition.


What are The Main Car Ignition System Parts?


Though there have been advancement and changes due to technology, the car’s ignition circuit have more-or-less remained the same and constituents of the following main parts:

  1. Key: The key is used to start the engine and can be a metal or remote key. Modern keys are electronic and are quite sophisticated.
  2. Ignition: This is the point on the steering wheel where a motorist inserts the key. Turning/rotating it completes the electrical circuit and powers the accessories or starts the engine.
  3. Power Source: This provides electrical power to the ignition system. The accumulator/battery and magneto are the common sources of power.
  4. Spark Source: Gasoline engines require a spark which ignites the air/fuel mixture. Early cars relied on a central spark coil but modern cars have an igniter or coil pack on each cylinder.
  5. Spark Plugs: They receive the spark from the coil or igniter and transfer it inside the combustion chamber allowing the air/fuel mixture to ignite/burn.


Choosing an Auto Locksmith


When searching for a car locksmith, it’s paramount to focus on several things. One, you need to work with a reputable and experienced provider. Two, the technician need to be licensed and insured to work in the region. Three, a good firm is able to deal with different types of ignition systems and car brands. Four, the right provider will be available even during emergencies such as when locked out from your car.


Benefits of Dealing with a Professional


A car locksmith is trained and familiar with the ignition system of a car. You will need him when you are having trouble with your car key. Car owners and drivers are always advised on dealing with a qualified, experienced and trustworthy service provider. In addition to ensuring the car ignition system parts are not interfered with, working with a professional auto locksmith also comes with peace-of-mind.



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